Minnesotans for the American Community Survey supports the following positions:

  • The American Community Survey should be a mandatory survey.  Making responses voluntary would result in unrepresentative and unreliable data, cost more to collect, and likely be available only for larger places.   Rural Minnesota, urban neighborhoods, and all counties and cities with population under 20,000 would likely have no long-form data available if the ACS was voluntary.
  • The Census Bureau should receive full funding for the 2020 Decennial Census, the annual American Community Survey, and the Economic Census (every 5 years).    Adequate funding ensures that the 2020 Decennial Census will be based on sound design and testing, be cost-efficient (and meet Congress’ mandate that the 2020 Census be cost-neutral to the 2010 Census and save taxpayers $5 billion over traditional designs), that technology will be thoroughly tested and implemented to insure privacy and security, and that reliable, consistent data are available for all places in the nation.
  • The American Community Survey sample size should reflect a growing population base in order to remain representative and meaningful.
  • Members of Congress and the public should be educated on the critical importance of the American Community Survey and Census data to run an efficient and effective government (federal, state, local), to drive growth and economic stability, and to promote the well-being of Minnesotans.   ACS Census data are the foundation of an informed, representative government, healthy economy, and prosperous, vibrant communities.
  • The Census and American Community Survey must continue their unblemished record of data security and privacy for individual respondents.    The Census Bureau is forbidden by law from sharing any individual data with any other organizations or agencies — not the IRS, not the FBI, not the NSA, not to anyone.  The Census Bureau has never had a data security breach.